Ocean Access

Historic Walking Tours of Narragansett Pier

Access to the ocean is available in several locations between the Narragansett Town Beach and
Scarborough State Beach, all offering striking views of the ocean and the shore. Paths of varying
difficulty at several of these sites offer places from which visitors can climb down onto the
enormous boulders below. There are obvious risks involved in walking over these boulders, and
in rough weather. When the rocks are wet, the risks can become prohibitive. Wet rocks are
likely to be slippery, and large waves are notoriously unpredictable and treacherous.

Note: Parking and trash receptacles are available at all sites.

Black Point

This state fishing area north of Scarborough State Beach consists of a wooded dirt path that
extends toward Narragansett Bay from a parking lot just off Ocean Road. The path leads to a
dramatic rocky shore of boulders and tide pools, and continues on down along the cliffs along
the shore for well over a half mile, all the way to the northern end of Scarborough Beach. It will
take you right past the old stone carriage house ruins. You're really not in the Pier area down this
far, but the views are well worth the diversion. The path is wide, and except for the occasional
mudhole that you'll encounter after a heavy rain, makes for easy going. There are many places
along the main path from which the nimble-toed can clamber down onto the rocks.

Bass Rock Road

This site offers a terrific view of Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and is often used by
recreational fishermen.

Newton Avenue

Newton Avenue

At the end of Newton Avenue, a well-worn footpath leads to a dramatic rocky shore. This is a site
where ancient bedrock, known as Narragansett Pier granite, surfaces. Fishing and wildlife
observation are popular here.

Hazard Avenue

Hazard Avenue

This site, a right-of-way at the end of Hazard Avenue, consists of a well-worn footpath to
spectacular granite rock formations. Fishing is popular.

State Pier #5 (Monahan's/Tucker's Dock)

State Pier #5 (Monahan's/Tucker's Dock)

Located near the Watering Trough at the intersection of South Pier Road, this site offers boat
launching, fishing, surfing, and a scenic view of Narragansett Bay. Parking is available for about
15 cars. There is also a bulkhead with pilings to tie up to in a small, usually well-protected cove.
This site is commonly known as Monahan's Dock. The ramp is steep, and slippery at low tide.

Sea Wall walkway

A walkway extends along the sea wall for four-fifths of a mile from the end of the Narragansett
Town Beach southward along Ocean Road, passing under The Towers, to State Pier #5. This is an
immensely popular place to walk or jog, or to sit on the wall and watch the sunrise or the passersby.
When the wind is blowing and the surf is up, the waters just offshore become populated with
surfers. Free parking is available along both sides of Ocean Road but it fills up quickly on sunny
summer days.

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